Katie Couric Says She’s Healthy and Feels ‘Fortunate’ After Breast Cancer Battle (Exclusive)

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By Dainik Khabre

Katie Couric Says She’s Healthy and Feels ‘Fortunate’ After Breast Cancer Battle (Exclusive)

Katie Couric is feeling wholesome and really lucky with regards to her battle with breast cancer.

The TV information anchor spoke with ET on the Project ALS twenty fifth Anniversary gala celebration on Thursday, held at Jazz at Lincoln Center in New York City, and shared an replace on her well being.

“I am really fortunate, and I am a walking example of how important early detection is,” Couric shared. “There are a lot of people out there who I know are dealing with breast, cancer and they’re really in a lot of pain, or their suffering, their anxious or worried, and my heart goes out to those people.”

Couric — who first revealed the news of her breast cancer diagnosis in September 2022 — defined that she was “was extremely fortunate that my cancer was detected at a very early stage, when it’s the most treatable.”

“And that is why I’m the screen queen,” Couric added. “I have always said you have to get screened for all kinds of cancer — including colon cancer. Because that’s when you can you can put it in your rear view mirror.”

“So, I’m feeling really, really well,” she added with a smile.

In September, Couric shared that following a mammogram and ultrasound on her breast, the doctor informed her that she had stage 1A cancer.

The veteran information anchor revealed that she underwent a lumpectomy, adopted by radiation and must take medication for 5 years. However, because it was detected early, there was a low probability the most cancers would return and he or she wouldn’t need to endure chemotherapy. 

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Amid her personal well being journey, Couric made time to indicate her assist for Project ALS at Thursday’s black tie gala, and he or she additionally opened up about why the trigger was so necessary to her.

“These diseases are incredibly complex and you have to celebrate every step, inch by inch,” Couric mentioned of the strides Project ALS has made in serving to fight the devastating illness.

“There are so many important causes, and you just have to keep screaming about them till you’re blue in the face,” Couric shared, “because people have busy lives, they go about their business, and they have to remember that they’re blessed by the grace of God.”

Addressing the monumental and profitable fundraising efforts of Project ALS, Couric shared, “The government can’t take care of everything and they can’t support all the science that needs to be done. That’s where the private sector and just normal every day people that care about helping their fellow man — who perhaps have had a loved one diagnosed with this disease — we all have to come together and support the science that will ultimately, one day, fingers crossed, deliver a cure.”

Those can discover out more about Project ALS here.


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